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X Raiders – Electronic Press Kit

About the new album “Weltschmerz ’89”

Weltschmerz [vɛltʃmɛʁts] – Profound despair felt about the inadequacy of the world, arising from comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.

Born in ’89 and having recently turned 30, the members of X Raiders have come to the painful realisation that their student years of staying up all night drinking Schultenbräu and listening to Turbonegro are over. Too young to fully accept their back-pains and burn-outs, but too old to be satisfied playing freemium games and posting selfies. All of this gives rise to concerns. Concerns that are addressed on the band’s second full-length Weltschmerz ’89

“You may conclude that the world is not a very nice place, but we would like to think the world just needs a little bit more rock’n’roll and people doing what they love. We’re still junkies for high energy rock’n’roll. The best thing about a Saturday night is playing a crazy rock show with your friends, leaving people feeling confused and slightly destructive, in a good way.”
 X Raiders vocalist Daniel 

With their excellent live reputation which brought them to festivals like FortaRock, the five-piece joined up with Grammy-nominated producer Attie Bauw (Judas Priest, Scorpions, De Staat) and holed up at the legendary Wisseloord Studios to record everything live. The result is an overwhelming eleven-track rollercoaster; aggressive and dark, yet more genuine and addictive than ever.

When I saw the band play at a festival, I knew I had to capture their explosive energy performing live in the studio. It’s the only way to preserve their spontaneity and power. With distance they are the loudest band I ever recorded, and believe me, I’ve recorded many.
– Producer Attie Bauw

Weltschmerz ’89 is an in-your-face collection of pure rock-‘n’-roll, plus a very personal account of all the things life throws at you. Combining a multitude of influences from Turbonegro and Iron Maiden to early-Soilwork and Dillinger Escape Plan. With cover art by Plack Blague’s daddy of hypermasculine erotica, Butch Dick (www.butchdick.com), the band suggests the quick fix to your Weltschmerz: Fuck those tears, grab your leather jacket, and walk your boots straight through that door. 

Weltschmerz ’89 was released on 31/01/2020 and is available as digipak with lyric booklet; limited edition 180gr white vinyl with black polybag inner sleeve and 12” lyric sheet; and standard black 180gr vinyl with black polybag inner sleeve and 12” lyric sheet. CD and LP contain an exclusive bonus track, not available digitally.


De X Raiders komen hun nieuwe album in je gezicht rammen! De mannen (geboren in ’89) hebben inmiddels de niet-zaligmakende leeftijd van dertig gehaald. Hun studententijd van nachten doorhalen, Schultenbräu drinken en Turbonegro luisteren zijn over. Ze zijn te jong om zich bij hun rugklachten en burn-outs neer te leggen, maar zeker ook te oud om voldoening te halen uit het posten van selfies.

Deze bom van frustratie en energie hebben ze vertaald in een genadeloos nieuw album: Weltschmerz ‘89. Onvervalste heavy metal rock ‘n roll! “The loudest band I’ve ever recorded”, zei producer Attie Bauw (Judas Priest) er over. Ze hebben het album live opgenomen, en met hun buitengewone live-reputatie op festivals als Zwarte Cross en FortaRock kan dit voor hun nieuwe tour maar één ding betekenen: keihard knallen!

Volledige versie (NL)


Guus – Guitar | Niek – Drums | Daniel – Vocals | Jaco – Bass | Jeroen – Guitar




Wasted is the ultimate party rock anthem: “I like you better when I’m wasted, I like you better when I’m drunk!” The video features footage from X Raiders’ clubshows and Fortarock Festival 2019, showing why they are without a doubt the most energetic Dutch live band right now.

Meat Market


Beatifully made music video directed by the talented Mikki Sindhunata. Our most ambitious visual project so far.



The song and video take a stand against the self-improvement dogma that is currently dominating the lives of young adults. Sometimes you gotta cut loose and let out the wolf. Oh, and there’s a sick twin-guitar solo in there!

Foxx (I’m in Love)


It’s simple high-energy rock-and-roll. That’s what we’re all about.

Press Quotes about X Raiders

Album Reviews – Weltschmerz ’89 [2020]

“X Raiders have the highest good in their genre: authenticity. You can feel every second how in love they are with their style and how happy they are to let it crack.”

Metal Hammer, January 2020

“The Dutch quintet does a lot right on Weltschmerz ’89. Provided you’re into kick-ass rock’n’roll and its associated ‘I don’t give a f***“ attitude’. The passionate canned-beer drinkers have recorded eleven high-energy grenades, which should make their audiences rapturous”

Rock Hard – January 2020

“Album of the month”

Guitar Magazine – February 2020

“With “Wasted” […] X Raiders have written a genuine hit-song!”

OX Magazine

“Het nummer dat er tussenuit springt is het als hitsingle verschenen ‘Wasted’. Dit moet zowat het zaligste (punk) rock nummer zijn dat de laatste jaren werd voortgebracht uit de lage landen.”

Arrow Lords of Metal

Concert Reviews

“If there is any justice in this world, we’ll definitely be hearing a lot from X Raiders. Bring on that new record!”

3voor12 Utrecht (19-3-2019)

“The Dutch Turbonegro!”

Aardschok #7 July, 2019 about Fortarock Festival 2019

“These boys only know one gear: the highest. Hetero, homo, bi or trans; after a set like this, you can’t but fall in love with these men.”

3voor12 Tilburg (25-3-2016)

“They told me they’re louder than Maiden”

Mel, Bitch [email protected], Eindhoven 2018

Debut Album Reviews [2017]

“X Raiders can easily take over where Peter Pan Speedrock and John Coffey left off.”



Never Mind The Hype

“This is a pure rock ‘n’ roll album you seldom encounter. Rock isn’t dead, it has evolved!”


Tour/Festival Highlights

  • Album Release show | Melkweg, Amserdam ’20
  • Fortarock Festival 2019, Nijmegen, NL
  • Madnes Festival 2019, Ameland, NL
  • Clubtour ’19 | 9 headline shows in NL
  • Clubtour ’18 | 21 support shows for Fleddy Melculy in NL/BE
  • Zwarte Cross Festival | ’15, ’16, ’17 & ‘18
  • Paaspop Festival | ’15, ’16 & ‘17
  • Sold-out Album Release show | Doornroosje, Nijmegen ‘17
  • De Wereld Draait Door | National Television ‘15
  • Taiwan Tour | ‘12


Links + Socials

Email[email protected]



Weltschmerz ’89 (2020) | Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp
Rectum Raiders (2017) | Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp

Singles/Music Videos

Oedipus (2020) | Youtube
Meat Market (2020) | Youtube
Train Man (2019) | Youtube
Wasted (2019) | Youtube
Fleshwolf (2019) | Youtube
Ace of Spades (2018) | Youtube
Thus Spoke Mr. Rectum (2018) | Youtube
Boulanger (Live) (2018) | Youtube
Boulanger (2018) | Youtube
Foxx (I’m in Love) (2017) | Youtube
Doglife (2015) | Youtube
Into the Darkness (2015) | Youtube
Satisfaction (2014) | Youtube


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